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Bristol Circumcision Service

Bristol Circumcision Service now provide a local service based at Eastville Health Centre for baby boys aged 1 - 6 months. The circumcision is performed under llocal anaesthetic and includes full clinical support and aftercare. They provide a safe and local service that works closely with Bristol Children's Hospital. The doctors who carry out the service have been trained and examined by a Consultant Surgeon in Bradford, and have carried out many successful operations. The experienced, trained nursing staff assist in the service and make sure that the baby is well before and after the circumcision. 

Safe Circumcission 

Important questions that all parents should ask the person circumcising their baby boy:

  • Do you have an approved certificate of competency to carry out the procedure?
  • How often do your operations go wrong and how do you know this?
  • Are the instruments you use sterile?
  • Is the operation carried out in a sterile/clean environment (i.e. in clinically clean spaces)?
  • What aftercare do you provide?
  • What happens if something goes wrong?

What the Service includes: 

The service offered includes health assessment before the procedure, the circumcision itself, and monitoring immediately afterwards as well as ongoing aftercare.

When you come to the health centre you will be taken to a waiting room, where your baby will be assessed by a nurse to make sure that he is well. The nurse will take some details about your baby and his health since birth. 

You will be shown a video about the circumcision procedure which explains in detail the preparation required, the procedure itself and the care of your baby at home following the procedure. The nursing staff are able to answer any questions you may have. The doctor will see you to get your consent and will then circumcise your baby. 

After he is circumcised you will be required to stay at the health centre for approximately one hour so that your baby can be observed to ensure the procedure has been successful. The nurse will talk to you about caring for your baby after the circumcision and you will be given some information to take home with you. 

The day after the procedure you will be contacted by telephone to see how your baby has been overnight. 

Approximately ten days after the procedure you will be contacted again to see how your baby is.


Several organisations and individuals have supported the service being offered by the Bristol Circumcission Service:

  • Amana Education Trust
  • Bangladeshi Association
  • Bristol Male Circumcision Campaign Group
  • Bristol Muslim Cultural Society (BMCS)
  • Bristol Primary Care Trust
  • Drs Parrott and Wright, Eastville Health Centre
  • Non Executive Directors Bristol North Primary Care Trust
  • United Bristol Healthcare Trust
For more information contact the Bookings Clerk at Eastville Health Centre on 0117 902 6770 . Monday to Friday.


Annual ReportBMCS ANNUAL REPORT 2011



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